Wednesday, April 8, 2009

all that... and a chuck of cheese

this week has been so fucking up and down.

im so fucking angry at fucking refrigerator manufacturers for not putting the low CFC producing elements into ALL fucking fridges!!!!
its like fucking panadol!
WHY THE FUCK ISNT PANADOL RAPID JUST THE NORMAL PANADOL!?!?! i think this was mentioned on the gruen transfer a few weeks ago.....
panadol 'rapid' is if you dont want your fucking headache... normal panadol was made for the people who still want the headache for 20 more minuets!!!!

think about the kids!

speaking of the kids...
double stimulus packages for meeee!
i have done nothing to deserve this- there are probably many more desperate and starving people who need this money... (ie.. alicia who WANTS to go to uni but cant afford the course??!!)

but im really not giving it to her, nor am i going to give it back
i am going to stimulate the economy. probably at Provider or Hype or Evolve or Athletes Foot...

im pretty sure for the entire month of receiving stimulus payments the whole of Australia will be sitting in front of their new plasma T.V's- high as motherfuckers.


its pretty self explanatory.

back at the ranch.

ive been cleaning.

this next image. is a packing solution i tried to resolve myself.
what else can you package in those fucking awesome 'hardware store' style metal containers that hold boring shit like 'joint lubricator' or zippo lighter fluid.

the answer?

this dope product with a dope label that is probably one of those products no one needs but people continue to make and buy.

people are fucked.

jesus paraphinalia is fucked.
i keep seeing this shit everywhere!!!!

hey people!
whats with the fucking Arian fucking Jesus!
im pretty sure jesus was a Jew- who are usually not (prove me wrong...) blonde! and from a fucking middle eastern country!
yeah go for it.... God was a woman! God was a Donkey! god was a fucking ghost..
if jesus actually DID exist... fucking get shit accurate if you want to fucking draw him!

... i could solve the worlds problems with a hunk of jarlsberg and a glass of pinot.
whos in?

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wahriz swayzeee said...

the generic jesus face is said to be in the likeness of cesare borgia...