Monday, January 31, 2011

double upppp


SO resurrected that you get not one but TWO posts.

Here are some amazing you tube links to some amazing artists that have captured my imagination:

number ONE... KUTIMAN.
This guy makes amazing music out of mashed up video clips. I was so late on this one, I'm not going to be surprised if I get some "OH yeH!!! tHaT SoNg WaZ LyKe DooOOOpe!"
but.. fuck.. It's amazing. He is amazing. Props.

Number two. A recent addition to my musical repertoire, yes.. I should catch up. But shit... I Didn't, and I'm loving this track/musician now...

Number 3.
An oldie but a goodie.

Number 4.
Clearly one of the best video clips ever made, and an amazing jam to to boot.

number 5

...Is just because the title is appropriate.... And because grime is holding my ear drums hostage right now. .
She is also a babe.


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