Monday, January 31, 2011

come here, I'm about to take you higher.

About a month ago, I recieved this amazing facebook message saying "thank you". Someone had come across my page, and stumbled upon this blog. The person had found some post about me ranting on about how uninspired I was feeling, and I guess it made them feel less alone in their creative angst..

So, FOR THE PEOPLE! .....After 9 months off the blog, I think it might be time to resurrect it.

A whole lot of shit has happened. a whole lot of amazingness. a whole lot of pro-creating, a whole lot of amazing art, met so many amazing people.... and a whole lot of partying.

People seem to be conveying the thought that "2011 is going to be the year when shit happens!!!".
To be honest. I almost hope its the polar opposite of that...
2010 was the most action packed, revolutionary, mind-bending-ly challenging and satisfying year, and I gotta say... I'm ready for a rest.

2011 can be heads-down-thumbs-up year for the ol' Custards.
2010 was the year of winging it.
2010 was the year of the 12yr old bottle of Jameson.
2010 was the year of hanging out with my ladies and causing trouble.
2010 was the year of realising what I have.

It's been a month, I've taken count of stock. I know where I'm standing.
From my viewpoint; 2011 = A whole lot more scotch to drink, and a whole lot more love to give.
I also hope to gain a firmer grasp on the English language, in particular punctuation. Which (I hope) in turn will make this blog easier for you to read.

Miss you.
If you've stayed, Cheers.


Miglet said...

I thought this day would never come ... welcome back!

Big Ramifications said...

Get a dog upya.

custards said...

A dog hey?

Might make for a good story.