Friday, April 9, 2010


Alright. This is getting fucking pathetic.

Here is a run down of why i have been so neglectful to this blog.
However, I haven't really been missed it seems.... hmm..
aha maybe yall be thankful that I'm not distracting you from your other blogs. ahhh

self loathing in Preston.

Yes, i moved house. (with some amazing people whom I love more and more everyday)
Got a Job in an amazing design firm (which i shall tell you all about later later)
Now I have 2.
still at Uni.
Deleted facebook.
Drinking far too much coffee.
Drinking far too much wine.
and having unbelievable ammounts of fun, just sitting around the house.
Playing scrabble.
Eating at CHUJII! with ma ladeez.

I have been pretty productive.


Anyway, someone else who has been super super productive, is my Lady Soph D.

She is about to finish her BMA in September. (FUCK YESSSSSS)
and has started up a little self indulgent blog... which, if anyone is familiar with the Mayoress ladies, is bound to be a fucking spectacular read.

its called SophIndulgent a delicious little play on words, dont ya think? and is already fantastic, despite being a young'un.
get into it. Its far more informative than this piece of crap. x

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Javier said...

Deleting Facebook has become trendy, I know far too many people jumping on that band wagon.. Or winging about why they can't but want to..

You should replace your coffee consumption with maté instead..>Wikipedia on Maté

It's fairly radical.