Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sydney siders can throw a party.

summer holidays!

right right. got back from sydney... with highlights that entail.

first night saturday.
AL GREEN FOR FREE in the domain.
clearly i got far too excited.
this may have been the moment he played "my girl" as i imagine thats what my face looks like when i think of Thomas J Dying.
poor Thomas J
stocking up of booze and finding a seat amongst the 25,000 other people in the domain.
the area was so packed they stopped letting people in with police barracade.. TO A PARK!
awesome though!

+hanging with crew
(i cant find photos of the rest. as i am a dick and out of 17 possible cameras i could have brought.. i failed at even grabbing 1... balls)hanging with SJ !!! WOOO!
... sj also dislocated soph's finger wich was a very dramatic affair...
but hillarious (to me) now.
GOING TO DAYS LIKE THIS festival. and mooching drinks of smart people who bought in booze instead of the $9 for a vodka.
kept my eye on the gold chain.
day after?

no... we were not ones to slump around in our hotel room.... we got all productive up in that shit (and by 'we' i mean, someone else got it together)

yes.... although i was expecting a dingy as the information i recieved consisted of a phone call at 11 saying "claire. wanna go on a boat? ...yes?... meet me at 12"

so i bought a towel and wore swmmers and thongs.
little to behold it was a dope ass cruise boat with a bar and a 2 course meal!!!!!
there was a bug on the window that entertained Nam (and the rest of us... but particularly Nam) for far far far too long...
many noodle eating adventures at DIXON HOUSE.
favourite eating house in sydney...
$6 for the biggest laksa you have ever seen. (also the best)

im sure there was far more magical moments which i have no doubt locked out of my mind via self censor.
but hey
i had a blast.

im so poor now.

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