Saturday, January 23, 2010

james jean and prada

By no means am I a high-class fashionita,
I own nothing that cost over $200 let alone $2000, but I do like to think that
I have an opinion on what I think is dope in the world of high-fashion,
and this. this I think is dope!!
Mostly because its a mix of awesome design and one of my favourite illustrators of all time
James Jean.

James Jean and Prada did a collection based around a bag in spring 2008.

the illutrations are beautiful, the bag is stunning (although im not sure who would rock it?)

but the photo shoot looks pretty amazing also.
check it.

its all so dreamy and lovely and fairy-like.
The fabrics he designed are really intricate and amazing. All in for this 'wearing art' thing.

nice one Prada.

nice blog post here that goes into much more detail.

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