Friday, October 23, 2009

shits productive!

im going to be honest.
i have nothing relaly to write about.
And i gotta say. usually people who dont have anything really in mind to write about are usually boring as shit.
kinda like listeining to someone who is telling a story and then half way through they realise that their story is crap and has no fucking punchline and like 10 people are listening to them so they just end up saying.. "... and then i found $50..."

yep.thats this post.

i have a self-imposed ban on facebook for a week.. yep. i can do it. 3 days. and ive been more productive than ever,
I have ACTUALLY accomplished shit.

im considering leaving this facebook shit behind.
in the dust.
living and doing shit is even better than telling people your doing shit.
people who probably dont even really care in the first place.
.and actually getting stuff done is HEAPS better than reading about people bitching about how
'oh its monday and im so fucking sad i want to stab myself in the eye with a crochet hook"

cos. thats kinda boring and counter productive

check this shit.

THIS shit is productive.

Buddha Shaped Pears


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