Monday, October 26, 2009

pretty colours and stuff

lets start today off with another dope piece of inspiration.
this is Creative Review.
this is a pretty amazing blog/magazine that focues on... creative shit pretty much...

yeah... the bag dissolves in water.
that.. is awesome.
now i dont really want to think too hard about what toxins or whatever it may leak into water streams if people start using this technique for everything. but it pretty awesome.
no plastic for landfills.... awesome.

creative Review also showed me that Lomo have bought out a new Diana F + that is the coolest colours ever!
CMYK baby!

now i just need those AIAIAI CMYK headphones and ill be set for summer.

and whilst on the subject of summer and fun and cameras.
a certain someone bought me a present the other day!

check ittttt!!

WIDE ANGLE AND CLOSE UP for my (still very cool blue) Diana F+.

dope shit.
and it came in this awesome carry bag so people like me dont loose lenses in their bags.


thats todays wrap.

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