Thursday, November 26, 2009

pretty sure im 50

dearest blog,

I have Neglected you for too long now,
I have been busy with important and argeous tasks over the last few weeks, and I hope from now on I will be a better blogger, which means fun and attention for all...

now... onto the news.

I am fairly sure that I have turned into a retiree...

since finishing uni, I have been making chutney and tomato sauce. I have been building curtains and making brooches. I have been planting plants and reading shitty books about pepople who are unhappy in marraiges and have babies with down syndrome, books which im pretty sure are reserved for the 'over-40's'.....on top of that... I am going to Sydney on the weekend for 2 days for the purpose of seeing a musical.

50 is approaching fast on me, and I'm determined to embrace it. its fucking dope.

This is my first batch of chutney.
I have told pretty much everyone about this chutney, and i think its my finest work as yet.
i even made pretty labels and put my relatives names on them. yep. personalised condiments.

this is Basil #1.
he grew from a seed in a fish tank.
he loves the rain, sun and the smell of cinnamon.
he also likes it when I eat him.
these are my tomatoes who are being fuckheads and not getting red.
and its making me red.

this was todays project.
yes. instead of sitting at Black Cat drinking cider and talking shit, I decided to make more goods. Spicy tomato sauce.


OH OH oh! and like a true old person,
I dont actually GO shopping anymore.. I started hitting up eBay, and in the past week i have purchased about 4 cameras and 3 t shirts.
my favourite camera so far?

Chajka III Russian half frame camera

yeah baby!
this this is so clunky, im pretty sure you could concuss a cow if you threw it.
its toooooo dope for words.

its a Half Frame camera from the Soviet Union, im still researching it.. but Im sure it was made around the early 70's.
sooooo dope.

and it takes fun photos of me having fun at the Spanish Festival.. (yes i do leave the house at times)..

fun times.


Daniel Feary said...

that camera looks amazzzin.

Daniel Feary said...

and i love chutney

krakha said...

check out

yes camera version of wiki.
(careful how you break that word down tho)
peas. x

custards said...

thats awesome! i cant find it anywhere though! its only the 1 &2 everywhere!
no 3!