Friday, August 14, 2009

ART TIP- drewfunk

k. so. Drew. Drew Drew Drew.
known to hang out at Workshop as his studio is just around the corner..
let me tell you a little about drew

Drew is our resident Malaysian born Illustrator/Artist at workshop.
Drewfunk quit his full time design job to follow his dreams. (painting and shit).
Drew draws his inspirations from the city streets whilst staying true to his oriental heritage and has been known to have an aerosol addiction.

so it turns out his is doing some live painting at workshop this sunday...

here is a taste....

clearly a master of his trade!!

i asked Drew a few questions about his life, loves and... other shit.

so, whats your story drewfunk??
Painting, sketching, eating, drinking & having funs the story.

hey drew. you can draw real good. how long have you been at
ever since i was 5, mum bought me a box of crayons...
a few days later the whole house was my canvas. Thats
when she noticed her son liked to draw.
She bought Disney cartoons after that.
What are you working on at the moment?
i'm on my 13th piece for my Solo show at Sydney, 5 more to go.

Who would you say has influenced you the most in your
I never really was interested in illustrations.
It was more geeky then fun, spraypaint is fun. But i think
Spawn & spider man comics got me into drawing more a few
years ago. I'm in interested in flow or organics.

coffee or beer?
Coffee in the arvo & beer in the evening, YO! we're in
Melbourne.. thats like the Blood of the city. No?

belton or montana?
Beltons for sure, but since theres non in Melbourne now,
montana Gold's my next choice.
Any final words?
Come and smell my fumes on Sunday.

yeah do what he said.

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